We will not go quietly into the night

It is the usual story of good news bad news.  It is good news that tomorrow Nov 1st is the election day for Icon Brickell Towers 1 & 2.  It is bad news since the majority of those living outside the country did not receive the election paperwork in time which means no chance of getting their ballots here.  We at IconOwnersGroup tried very hard to convince the Boards to send out the election materials some 6 weeks before the election or use Digital voting.  Sadly, they kept insisting that Counsel has advised them to stay as is with the 14 days minimum allowed by the FL statutes (note FL statutes allows much much longer time frame, 14 days is the minimum not the maximum).  I know who the lawyer is so I do not understand why they keep insisting to refer to their attorney as Counsel.  Bottom line is that many owners were not allowed to participate at this election (the so called Voter Segregation).  This is a clear example of why we have made Transparency is the most critical step followed by Accountability.

We believe the only solution for the voting nightmare is to migrate to Digital Voting, it is cheaper for the association and does not cost those living away anything.

The good news is that we helped so many people and our group has grown much bigger than we had anticipated.  We have many volunteers who are doing everything they can to help with the process.

Some admin matters to remember:
1) Tower-2 election is taking place in the Movie theater of the SPA at 12:30pm.  You need to make sure you deliver your ballots before they open the box or they will reject your ballot.

2) Tower-1 election is taking place in the same place at the Movie theater in the SPA at 4:30pm. The same rule applies, make sure you get your ballots and deliver them to the room before they open the box.

3) Remember that if you have a Voting Certificate then you should make sure the management office has a copy as early in the day as possible.  If all else fails then bring it with you as proof.

Thinking positively
We would like you to start thinking about what committees would you like to support.  Just let us know what you are passionate about and we will call on you shortly after the election.  We have already people who are ready to jump on the following committees: Pool Deck, Finance, Contract management, Parking, Security, or come up with your own.

Have you had a chance to Register at IconOwnersGroup? We can keep you informed going forward.  Make sure you take the surveys we have created (1 minute survey, and if you have 5 minutes then please take the more comprehensive survey).  We will collate the data and will prepare and present it to the future boards.

Thank you for all the wonderful people at Icon Brickell community.  We want to bring back the magic, remember those early days?

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