The Undeniable Truth, Facts not Fiction (Sun, Oct 30, 2016 8:00 am)

We at IconOwnersGroup work very hard to uncover facts.  We share and let every owner decide what is best for them. We discovered very quickly many issues and we tried to help the boards to find a solution.  It took us 2 months of getting nowhere when we realized the root cause is lack of planning and appreciation of the need for a comprehensive plan (any plan) by all the board presidents specially the Master Association.

We have shared our constitution with you and all the board members.  We ask you to decide, ask them to share the plan they used for the past 5 years that has brought us here:


  • Our home values are down by 30%
  • Our HOA fees are 18% above average for our neighborhood
  • Our luxury amenities such as the Gym and SPA have lost their shine
  • Our Parking and Valet hated by many and the waiting time are unbearable
  • Owners are charged fees inappropriate for the effort.  Parking bar code for a rental car when your car goes for repair is $50.

Unanswered Questions:

  • Why are HOA fees do not benefit from economies of scale?
  • Who should be hold accountable, Owners or the Board?
  • Why the Board from Tower 1, 2 and the Master resist implementing a Conflict of Interest?
  • Why the Board meetings are held during the working hours?
  • Why are Elections held during working hours?
  • How can owners living abroad participate in the election when those living at Icon just received their election paperwork?
  • Why the Boards do not trust owners and insist in cash for valet and money orders for management services?

Icon Owners Group Promise:

  • Implement quarterly Town hall
  • Hold Board meeting in the evening
  • Implement a Conflict Of Interest Process
  • Move away from cash, respect owners
  • Implement digital voting, it is more democratic and cheaper
  • Reduce the need for having lawyers at every board meeting (why pay $700/hr)
  • Implement an issue tracking system to ensure owners and residents voice is not ignored
  • Create Owner committees so every owner has an opportunity to add value to community

Read about our immediate action plan.
Exercise your RIGHT to VOTE, do it today, join the Icon Owners Group.

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