Do Not Deprive Owners of The Pool During Christmas and New Year

Master Association sent out an email informing the community that the Pool Deck project will commence in December and the entire pool deck will be closed starting Monday, December 5th, 2016 until further notice.

Icon Owners Group has written to the Master Association requesting them to reconsider their timetable to allow residents to benefit from the pool during the holiday season especially for the New Year fireworks that takes place every year.  We reminded the Board that there would be inevitable work slow down at the end of the year as the project staff will be on vacation.  We believe the project impact will be minimal with proper project oversight.

It is also important to note that we have not received any response since the Oct Poll Deck Town hall.  The large group of people who attended the town hall raised very important points and so far the Board have ignored us.  Here are a couple of important points (click here to read the entire report):

  • IOG demands that the pool be properly inspected to ensure necessary repairs are performed at the same time. It would be unacceptable to have to close the pool for repairs after the pool deck project.
  • Publish a proper timetable of pool deck project – stop this piece meal communication.
  • Create in-scope and out-of-scope documents to make it clear what is in the scope and what is not in the scope.  The documentation we have continues to be confusing.
  • IOG demanded that Board members and all those involved in the Project must adhere to a conflict of Interest process. This will allow all owners to understand the relationship between all individuals and companies.

Icon Owners Group will continue to highlight important issues that matter to owners.   Please continue to write and share your wishes and concerns.

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