New Board

Name (Alphabetical Order) Background
Carlos R Boldorini I have been living and working in Icon since 2010. I am very familiar with the day-to-day running of the building, the positive things and issues that needs to be improved. I am qualified to be a member of the Board Member of the Icon with my experience in business development coupled with experience in Real Estate in Miami.

I am prepared to assess situations, define and create strategies to solve and improve the building’s needs, whether administrative, financial or operational.

Francis Lemahieu I am CEO for several successful companies, an entrepreneur and a globetrotter. I grew up in a farm and graduated as an agricultural engineer, did a Master course in business administration.

I spent most of my carrier as an operational manager. I am an expense hound and will work hard to reduce unnecessary expenses, improving efficiency and will negotiate hard for Icon Brickell community.

Federico Baroglio I have lived at the Icon for 4 years with my wife Kelly. The Icon is a wonderful place to live, work and have fun but it will only stay this way if it maintains an informed and engaged community of owners and residents.

I will work diligently to foster an environment where people would want to be involved in the decision making progress of shaping the future at Icon Brickell.

Mario Rivero I moved to the Icon in 2010, and have lived in Tower 1, 2 and 3 since then. I currently own 2 units in Tower 2; I live in one and I rent the other. My experience in the building gives me an all around understanding of what its important for tenants and owners.

I have 6 years of experience as Treasurer and Vice-President for the board of a New York building of approximately 100 units. During my involvement, the building endured major renovations and significant upgrades and build outs. During that time the value of my unit more than double its price, and more importantly, maintenance fees did not change and special assessments were well planned and incurred within the building’s budget.

Mehran Shahsavar I have lived in many countries in Europe and America. I have lived in Icon since 2011. I have witnessed how the ICON has lost its luster and expenses have continued to grow without any controls or reasons.

I have extensive experience with Tower-1 and Master Association workings and challenges. I am challenging them at every turn and forcing them to listen to owners concerns.

Peter Azcue Attolini I have lived at the Icon for 2.5 years. Many of my most memorable experiences in life where and continue to be made right here at Icon Brickell; I love the Icon community, the people that reside in it, and the staff that serve us all. I will work diligently on your behalf and forcefully protect and advance your interests in all business matters pertinent to our condominium. My only criteria for making decisions will be whether it maximizes the value of your property by means of making the Icon a more desirable place to live.