We Measure Boards’ Effectiveness By Results Not Promises

IOG attended the Tower-2 Board meeting Thursday Nov 10th at 6pm at the Movie Theater in the 14th floor SPA.  We have audio recording of the meeting.  Here are a few most noteworthy items to share with you.

Auditors Draft Report
The audit report itself is not that note worthy.  However, the auditors failed to mention that the Board must implement a Conflict of Interest (COI) policy until IOG representative asked the Auditors why they recommended it to Tower-1 but not mentioned for Tower-2.  Auditors quickly confirmed that they do indeed recommend it in their draft letter to the board.  The Board members quickly said they are working on the policy that will cover the board members only.

It seems that unless we force them to change their mind the policy will not be worth the paper it will be printed on. It will not cover the relationship between FirstService and their staff, Legal representative and all the companies serving Iconbrickell community and more. We believe the COI policy needs to go beyond the Board members and must include the potential relationship between all Board members, Management company and its staff, and companies or organizations serving us.

Board Meeting Adjourned Before Owners Q&A
The board voted to adjourn the meeting before starting the owners Q&A.  This is sad and a bad tactic because once the board meeting is adjourned then the board is not responsible to anything discussed, nothing can be put on the minutes, and any actions or promises are not documented.  This is immoral and wrong no matter how legal they claim it to be.

Why Many Owners Were Not Allowed to Vote
This topic came up during the Owners Q&A and the board simply pushed it aside.  The president informed the audience that the board simply followed attorney advice.  The attorney present (Owners pay for this unnecessary support about $1000 a meeting) described in a mind numbing and lengthy manner what they do.  We believe this is to confuse the owners.  We do not know if this is done because the attorney is confused, incompetent, or under instructions from the Board.

We believe FACTs speak for itself: The Florida Statute and our ByLaws allow (but ignored by the Boards):
– The Boards choose to not email owners the election paperwork
– The boards choose to send out the first election package 60 days before the election
(60 days is the minimum allowed by the Law not the maximum – we call that voter suppression)
– The Boards choose not to mail the election package early enough for all owners to participate in the election
– The Boards have chosen not to implement online voting

Owners Demand
1- Implement a comprehensive Conflict of Interest process covering all involved in servicing our homes.
2- Implement Online Voting process to gauge owner‘s wishes going forward.
3- Allow all owners to decide if they wish to joinIcon Owners Group.
4- Stop wasting owners‘ HOA fees on attorneys and allow owners to communicate directly with the board members.

The Owners Living across Iconbrickell community will continue to highlight and discuss issues and make recommendation for real change.  We believe this is the only way to highlight what many call Board abuses that are legal but morally wrong.

Register at IconOwnersGroup.com
PS. On a positive note, the Gym appears to have been cleaned after Owners uprising in Oct Master Association meeting.  We have the power and we need to exercise it no matter how many obstacles they throw our way.

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