Do You Live Away From Miami (Oct 28, 2016 10:29 am)

If you’re not in Miami you will not get your ballot information in time to vote.  Do not wait any longer.  We have posted instructions on our site in English and Spanish for you to follow in order to vote.

Please do the following:
1. Go to the link above and find the instructions for your tower.
2. Follow the instructions for Alternative Envelopes and create alternate envelopes.
3. Download the “Clear Ballot” for your Tower-1 and Tower-2.
4. Complete the ballot, we like you to vote with the Owners who care for you. Here is the list you can copt for Tower-1, and for Tower-2. You can read about our promise here and you can read about our talented and experienced directors.
5. Place your completed ballot inside the “Secret Envelope” and seal it. Then place the “Secret Envelope” and Place it inside the “Return Envelope” and seal it.
6. Fill out the Return Envelope.  Make sure to sign, spell your name, and enter your Tower-unit number.
7. Repeat the above process for each unit you own.
8. Using DHL or FedEx, whichever will get it here faster, send the completed envelopes to xxxxx:

Do this today if you’re going to have a chance to vote.

Thank you,
Register at IconOwnersGroup
PS. If you live at Icon then contact us at  We have extra Ballots and envelopes that we will make available to your for free no matter who you support.  We are dedicated to helping everyone to participate in the election.

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