The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. It needs all our help to light up our home.

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to update you on what happened yesterday with Tower-1, and tower-2 election, and also the Master election this morning.

Tower 1 & 2 Election update:
Tower-1 and Tower-2 had their elections yesterday.  Both Boards failed (some say on purpose) to run a fair election.  They did this by making sure the paperwork did not reach majority of the owners in a timely manner.  Tower-1 had 89 ballots submitted or only 12.5% owners voted. Tower-2 had 84 ballots submitted or only 15% of owners voted.

This may not show the extent of boards’ failures so let me explain. More than 87% of owners in Tower-1 and more than 85% of owners in Tower-2 were unable to vote, or did not know there is an election.  This is a HUGE FAILURE of the boards to rally the people to make sure everyone has a voice.  This is of course legal (after all they have legal counsel paid for by us) but highly immoral.  Sadly, the picture is even worse. I like to explain it so you can see the extent of how unpopular the current board members are.

I know you all will agree that Icon Owners Group (IOG) has been focused on helping every owner to vote.  We counted 70 IOG ballots for Tower-2 and we counted 68 IOG ballots for Tower-1.

Tower Total
% of Ballot
in Tower
IOG Support
Ballot count
Possible for
Board Count
Possible for
Board %
Support %
One 713 89 12.5% 68 21 2.95% 9.54 %
Two 560 84 15% 70 14 2.5% 12.5 %

Bottom line, the maximum number of people who may have voted for the current board is less than 3%. However, IOG members had 323% as many supporters in Tower-1 and IOG members had 500% as many supporters in Tower-2.  Can you guess if the presidents of your tower voted or not? If you guessed that the majority of the board members did not vote then you are spot on.  You should remember that next time you hear a promise that the election would be different next year or let’s discuss at the next board meeting.  This has not changed since 2012 despite receiving exactly the same promises.

Master Election:
The presidents for Tower-1, Tower-2, and Tower-3 are the only people who vote at the Master election.  This means Cindy, Eugene and Neil (representing Tower-3) nominated each other and actually voted for Eugene, Cindy and the W’s architect.  This is legal and we expected nothing better from them.  What may not be obvious is that Cindy recommended for Eugene to be the president!!!  Well we did notice and I like to thank every IOG member, everyone who has supported us to thank for that.  Granted it is a tiny victory.  It does however, confirm that change is possible and that democracy requires everyone of us to stand up and be counted.

Next Step:
There are some procedural steps that we are taking right now and we will communicate our plans once those steps are completed.  Also, we will reduce the frequency of our messages and will focus on sharing news about our community and notes from board meetings since the election fever is done for now anyway.

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