IOG Promise

Icon Owners Group is committed to Change the lack of Planning by current Board.

These are our high-level goals.  We will not allow the mistakes of the past to stop us from aiming high.


Finish the Pool Deck renovation quickly. Figure out why the actual pool is excluded.

Speed up the litigations and return all $ proceedings to Owners.

Fix the Parking and Valet Service once and for all.

Fix the Gym, SPA and Gym Classes. This is supposed to be a high-class amenity.

Implement digital voting so every one can participate in the election no matter where they are in the world.

Simplify contractor procedures so owners and residence can get services they need and deserve.

Review ancillary charges and make them more reasonable, stop Nickel and Dime-ing owners.

Hold Board meetings after hours and allow owners to participate remotely. E-Publish minutes in 48hrs.

Reduce expenses; improve reserves, and reduce HOA Fees (we are paying 20% above average).

Fix the document repository so owners have immediate access to all documentation.

Review all amenities. We all want to know why Café Icon remains closed.

Make sure management understand that they work for owners pleasure not the other way round.

We will combine all contracts across Icon and benefit from economies of scale.

Implement a grievance system so staff cannot ignore owners and residence issues and concerns.

Create committees so all owners and residence with interest and skill can help improve our community.

Review Security and ensure it is across the community not split between towers.

Simplify the overwhelming Rules and Regulations while protecting all Residents. Icon is our home.

Implement a calendar of events and Services so all owners and residence can plan ahead.