Icon Owners Group Meeting with the President of Tower-1 and Master Associations

The president of Tower-1 and the Master association asked the voluntary President of IOG group to meet with him as soon as possible to share his ideas that would satisfy all owners’ concerns.

They met right after the Master association meeting just last Wednesday (11/2/16).  Eugene request was rather simple:  “He is NOW the president of the Master Association and IOG needs to stop highlighting issues and give him a year to sort things out”.

IOG’s response was shared here in the spirit of Transparency:
– “You were the VP at the Master assoc. for the past 5 years and we simply do not believe a musical change of seat would make a difference.”
– “Eugene you did not even vote for yourself“.
– “You have no plan and more importantly having a plan does not mean you have the spirit to implement a tough turn around plan”.
– “You do not live at Icon brickell…
– “Asking IOG members to be quite for another 12 months is not a sign of wishing to work with IOG”
– “IOG do not place blame the ex-president alone since you were the Vice President for the entire 5 years period. You were both put in power by developers and we have never had an election since.”

IOG was disappointed that there were nothing to improve relationship with owners. IOG will continue to attend all board meetings, we will continue to highlight issues until we see a genuine willingness for Transparency and Accountability.

IOG believes that all Iconbrickell associations must act immediately:
1- Implement a Conflict of Interest process. This is a common practice and IRS expects it.
2- Implement online voting process to gauge owner’s wishes going forward.
3- Allow all owners to decide for themselves if they wish to join Icon Owners Group.

We appreciate all the emails we are receiving and we encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts with us and perhaps give us 5 minutes and take a survey.

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