Group Meeting (2016-07-22)

New Business
  – Sign your communication to Icon organizations with your name and “Icon Owners Group”
  – Board meeting updates
  – Project document update
  – Election Update
  – Board Member Discussion
  – Plan for when we have control of the Board
  – Voucher
– From Previous meeting:

– Hiring an Attorney – Follow up discussion

  – Community Website – Progress Report
– Any other business


  • The previous meeting was discussed to ensure new members are up-to-date
  • Mehran updated on a number of areas covering:
  •   Members should communicate with the Icon Management teams or the Board as before and going forward should sign their notes as before and simply add the text “Icon Owners Group” to their signature as well as everything else they use
  •   Kelly and others continue to gather document from Master Association.  All such documents are maintained in Dropbox
  •   Everyone was reminded that they are welcome to have READ access to the folder.
  •   Kelly and others have attended the board meeting and it was felt that board members and the management teams have finally realized that we are here to stay.  Our suggestions to them is starting to improve things (small steps).  We have board for T1 reaching to Mehran and hearing our concerns.


  • Board meetings take place first Tuesday of each month.  Next meetings will be on Tuesday Aug 2nd. Kelly and Mehran plan to attend the meetings for T1, and Master.
  • We had detailed discussion on hiring an attorney.  A number of approaches were discussed and follow ups will take place.
  • Mehran shared his vision of the board for 2017.  Federico and Carlos volunteered to read and suggest how it can be improved.
  • Mehran reported that Next Board election will take place on Nov 1st.  The documentation will be mailed to all owners on Sept 1st (some 60 days before the meeting) as required by the Florida Statute.
  •    The group’s best approach is to contact as many owners as possible to be ready for when the proxy documents become available.
  •    Please remember that a copy of Florida statute is available on our dropbox
  • Mehran announced the limited availability of the IconOwnersGroup.Com website.  Please can start jumping on board and help improve the site.
  • Mehran reminded everyone to take time and read the proposed changes to the “Rules and Regulations” of Towers
  • We need more people who would be willing to be part of the future board of directors for Each Tower and for the Master Association

Follow ups:

  • Find out a valid proxy with the board approval
  • Establish a process so we can understand the voting value for each unit
  • If we hire an attorney then we need to ensure they establish a an approved Power of Attorney for special cases.
  • Establish potential cost for attorney strategies discussed
  • Share the 2017 Board vision with a larger group of members once we have updates from volunteers

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