They Go Low We Go High (Thu, Oct 27, 2016 4:41 pm)

We at Icon Owners Group (IOG) would like to encourage all owners to participate in the upcoming election. IOG directors live at Icon and we think of Icon the entire Icon Brickell as our Home.  We are successful individuals in both personal and in business with years of experience.  Read more about who we are and how our professional experience makes us more qualified to run our board.

We are committed to make our home a place we can call a luxury home again.  We have been working for months and have created a multi-year plan we refer to as our Constitution.  We call it a constitution because we want you to know we are serious about this. We believe we need to take control to recover the 30% loss in the value of our homes.  Join us and make a difference.  Read IOG Constitution and judge for yourself.  We want to make sure we don’t waste even one minute.  We have therefore created what we refer to as our Immediate action Plan.  Download it here.

We appreciate your time is valuable and we have highlighted a number of items from our constitution and what we are committed to achieve.

Here are a few highlights of what we will deliver:
* Finish the Pool Deck quickly and make sure the pool itself is not ignored.
* Speed up the litigations and return all $ proceedings to Owners.
* Fix the Parking and Valet Service once and for all.
* Implement digital voting so everyone can participate in the election local and abroad.
* Reduce expenses; improve reserves, and reduce HOA Fees which is 20% above average.
* Improve the value of our home to recover the 30% loss.
* Review all amenities. We all want to know why Café Icon remains closed.
* Implement grievance system so staff cannot ignore owners’ issues and concerns.
* Review Security and ensure it is across the community not split between towers.

Here is a sample of the completed vote for Tower-1, and here it is for Tower-2.  if you still have not received your ballot package then you are not alone.  You can get everything you need here.

Exercise your RIGHT to VOTE, do it today, join the Icon Owners Group.

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