Five Years Flashes By When Nothing Is Going Right

Dear Neighbor,

It is just under 5 years when the developers selected the current presidents to rule at Icon.

We do not know for sure why the boards have failed to rally the owners to participate in major decisions but we know the boards have shown no interest in listening to the owners.

We do not know for sure why we have lost 30% value of our home but we know the boards spend time coming up with more rules and more fees.

We do not know for sure why our HOA fees are 18% above average despite being the largest community but we do know the boards see owners participating at the election as troublemakers.  We all know there is something wrong at the core when those in power resort to name calling.

We do not know for sure why the boards refuse to implement a Conflict of Interest process (Transparency is important when millions of dollars are at risk) but we do know… sorry we need to leave that one to your imaginations!  But we do know the election has been made more confusing by adding more than 30 pages that have nothing to do with the election in the same envelope and making sure investors have no way to participate in the election.  We have helped many frustrated owners and we are ready to do it for you too.  We have everything you need to vote including envelopes that the management team claim they have none.

Election is taking place this Tuesday Nov 1st. The time to vote is now.  Let the boards know we the owners will not be ignored any more no matter how hard they try to stop us from voting.

Step up and defend your home.  Take a survey and learn the truth.


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