Meet Your New Board Volunteers

Annual Election date has been set for November 1st at 4:30 PM at the 14th floor of the SPA in the Movie Theater room.st

What You Should Be Doing Right Now

  1. Join the Icon Owners Group(IOG). We will help you know your rights and we will fight to make Icon a better place to live and invest. There is absolutely no charge or expectations.
  2. Contact your Tower’s management team and make sure your physical address is correct. The management team has told us that the unit owners are responsible to ensure the management team has the correct address.
  3. If you own your unit through a company or if you own your unit with one or more friend (i.e. not married people) then you need to make sure you have an up-to-date Voting Certificate (VC) on file. A VC is a simple form that decides which individual will be able to vote on behalf of the unit. Again, we will be happy to help you.
  4. The vote counting will start on Nov 1st. You can either bring your completed voting ballot (which will be sent out mid November) to the meeting, or send it to the management office.
    1. We are working with the management office to also offer the option of having your vote given to us so we can take all our votes to the meeting at the same time. This will us to check every vote to make sure it is filled it correctly and to contact you if there is a mistake and just as importantly, we will ensure your vote is received and counted correctly. We have heard stories if votes getting lost in the mail.
  5. We have created an Election Frequently Asked Questions for our members. This document explains the complexity of the election. Please let us know if you wish to have a copy. You will also be able to ask fellow members if you have questions.

Order Things Will Happen

  1. Most importantly, you should know that the developer elected the board and the management team. The board has failed to take action to achieve quorum so every election has been dismissed. This means no election 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. We believe the board continues with their past behavior and are failing to take additional steps for 2016 election. We have written to the board explains multiple times to ask for clarity and encourage them to take more decisive actions. We have received in my opinion a cowardly response that they are waiting for the board’s attorney to respond.
  1. The management team sent out the November 1st election date. You should have received the email on Sept 1st. You should have received the physical mail within a few days for US residents and a few days later for those living outside of US depending on the performance of postal services.
    1. You should be aware that the management team has failed to follow-up with owners when the physical mails are returned to them. We know for a fact one example when there was a typo in the delivery address.
  1. The purpose of this email is to give everyone who may wish to be part of the board to send in their request. We can help explain the process if you need help. The deadline for this step is Sept 22nd.
    1. Those who decide to run for the board will have a brief time to forward their BIO (which should fit only one page) to the management team. The management team will forward the election paperwork no later than 14 days before the election (about Oct 24th) and will include all the BIOs they would have received.
  1. The management team will send out the election package 2 weeks before the election date or about Oct 24th. This package will include voting ballots for the election of directors and the election of one Master Association Voting Member. We appreciate this maybe confusing as it has taken us weeks to understand the details.
    1. Briefly, the tower association can have up to 9 directors. The ballot will list the number of people who wish to be nominated a director and will explain the maximum number of people you get to choose.
    2. The voting member is a special case. There will be only one voting member for each Tower. The role of this person is to vote for the Master Association directors.
  2. Every unit owner will be able to cast his or her vote following the process described in the final package. Votes can be given to the management office or maybe brought to the election room and handed personally to the vote counting staff.
  3. Election day, which is set for November 1st. The usual meeting place is the theater room in the spa. However, this may change. We will keep our members informed.
  4. The annual meeting will come to order and the Board will instruct the vote counting team to start the counting process. It is important to deliver all votes before that time since votes that arrive after that moment will not be counted.
  5. There are 2 elections: one for the Tower Directors and one for the Tower Voting member. Each election will need to achieve quorum, which is a fancy way of saying we need a minimum of 20% of the possible votes for the election to be valid. The number of units is different in each tower and for just an example, there are 713 units in Tower-1 and 20% of that means we need at least 143 votes. Every vote matters and if you wish to make sure the board hears your concerns then you need to join us and vote with us.