Election Timeline

We have fought hard to get the board to send the election materials as soon as possible but the boards of Tower-1 and Tower-2 are pro-actively trying to discourage and making it difficult for people to participate in the election by sending the election package only 14-days before Nov-1st (which is the minimum time required by Florida Statutes). We have tried multiple times and even hired a lawyer to write to them and expressing our anger towards that decision. We have told them multiple times and the board themselves have mentioned many times that many owners live outside of the US which means it will take longer than 14 days for the package to arrive at owners outside of US and for their votes to be mailed back in time for the election on Nov 1st.

We are sorry that despite our repeated attempts that board has refused to help owners and encourage democratic election. I am sure you are aware that the existing Board members were elected by the Developer since 2011/12 and those selected by the Developer have refused to allow IOG to have even 1 member at each board.

We wish to assure all our members that as soon as the voting materials are received by IOG (who all live at Icon) we will study then and prepare instructions for all our members. We anticipate the materials to arrive in our hands on the 18th or 19th of Oct.

We will send a message on email, on various Chat systems open to our group.

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