Election Campaign

Dear Neighbors,

We need your help to campaign with your neighbors on your floor, one floor above, and one floor below.  Simply print a few copies of the leaflet attached choose the language that you believe your neighbor is most comfortable with.  Please take time to read the leaflet and make sure you fully understand it.  We like you to reach back and ask questions before you start this process.  Please note, this is only one of many ways we are using to help our neighbor learn about the issues confronting our homes.  Contact IOG via IconOwnersGroup@gmail.com.

For those who can help please let us know in advance in which towers and on which floors you are going to campaign. It’s important for you to let us know before you start visiting your neighbors so that we do not have more than one of us campaigning at the same units.

Here are the steps we believe will be most successful after you knock on your neighbor’s door:

– If no one answers – make a note so you can follow-up until you get a chance to speak with him or her directly. Please do not slide a copy of the leaflet underneath your neighbors’ door. The association considers that to be a form of solicitation and they can take steps to stop us.

If someone answers the door then introduce yourself and explain you are part of the “IconOwnersGroup” and you are contacting them to explain why their help is critical for the future of Icon for all residents both owners and tenants.  Hand over a leaflet and ask them if they are the owner?


Tenant: Do NOT give out the leaflet. Please make a note so we know which units are tenants and we will figure a way to contact the owner.  Please continue to explain to the tenants that our objective is to improve quality of life at Icon and this directly will benefit their stay at Icon. Next Ask for the contact information for the owner or their primary point of contacts so we can explain to them how urgent this matter is and it needs their attention right away.  Please try to obtain First name, Last name, telephone, and email address and of course write down their Tower-Unit.  Maybe they can show a letter they have received from the owner and you can take a quick picture of the contact details.  A picture will be quick and reduces the chances of any writing mistakes.


Owner: Hand over a leaflet. Start by explaining to them if they have received the assessment letter and are they happy with the level of transparency on how the Master association worked more than 2.5 years to decide to spend $14.5 million to improve the pool deck and close to pool for about 18 months.  Follow-up by explaining our objectives as explained in the leaflet.  If they are happy with the board then please simply thank them for their time and remind them to vote on November first.  We will answer any questions they may have even if they support the existing board.

If they are not happy with the level of Transparency and Accountability of the board then we would like them to consider joining IconOwnersGroup and to vote with us to replace the board.  Follow up and make a note of the contact information (first name, last name, telephone, and email address) and of course write down their Tower-Unit.  Lastly, ask them they would be happy for us to contact them with more explanation and for us to invite them to join our discussion forum.



Click Here for the IOG Leaflet

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