Donate to Elect IOG to the Icon Board

Dear IOG,
You know we are working very hard on everyone’s behalf to make a difference. 

The board is now proactively fighting us in a covert manner. We are hiring an attorney to work through this as we only have a few weeks before the election. We also wish to print leaflets for marketing, so we can inform more owners. We need more voters to overcome the board’s combating us.
We have setup a website to allow anyone to help finance the expenses by making a small donation. We want to assure you that we are all volunteers and none of us expect any payment for our time and efforts. 

The funds will be used to pay attorneys fees, marketing, and maintaining our website and supporting Icon Owners Group..

We will track every dollar spent and we will happily share the list with everyone who supports IOG.
The process is very simple. Follow the link below and donate as much or as little as you can. Every dollar will help. Feel free to forward this email to others who wish to help make a difference in our future and future of Icon.  

Click to Donate
Thank you

Icon owners group

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