We Deserve More Than Empty Gestures

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You should by now have seen the summary of the election email sent out a couple of days ago.  Bottom line is that both Tower-1 and Tower-2 associations failed to achieve quorum for 5th year in a row.

We the Icon Owners group remains determined and resolute to replace the current boards with one that is TRANSPARENT, ACCOUNTABLE and very willing to strive for EXCELLENCE.  Icon Owners believe the road to hell is paved with good intentions and we are simply not willing to trust empty promises any longer.  Enough is enough.

We have decided our next course of action is to remove the directors by a process the FL statute calls a RECALL petition. This turns out to be more manageable as we will have plenty of time to gather all the signed forms from owners both local and in other countries.  This process does not involve the board so they will not be able to interfere or stop anyone from voting.

The boards’ strategy continues to be to deflect owners demand for change.  Ask yourself:

  • Why after 5 years in power we still do not have a simple Conflict of Interest Process despite auditors recommending it.
  • Why did the election this year fail due to lack of quorum! Master and Tower-1 associations’ president told me “He did not vote because he did not need to vote”.  We think that is immoral as they did not even vote for themselves.
  • Ask yourself, why the topic of online voting has to be discussed at a future board meeting!  Make a commitment and then make it happen.
  • Ask yourself why the Master association refused to forward IOG’s “party invite” to owners but they happily forward messages from restaurants, cafes all year long!
  • Why is it always their way or NO WAY!

We do not understand their motivation to continue to stay in control but we believe they will continue to block democracy at every turn if we the owners allow them.

Online Voting is possible since new laws took effect July 1st, 2015.  The Boards of Icon Brickell towers 1 and 2 are not willing to take the steps to make this happen and allow all owners to participate in a fair and just election.

IOG took the initiative and contacted a leading Online Voting system provider.  It turns out that online voting system will cost Tower-1 only $554 and only $514 for Tower-2.

This is a tiny fraction of how much owners paid for confusing paper ballots to be mailed out, which as you know failed to arrive on time for the majority of owners to participate in this year’s election.

If the cost benefits of instant voting were not enough, the price is actually for a 12 months period. This gives the associations the ability to use it multiple time to engage owners on important or costly decisions, and surveys owners for how the community is progressing throughout the 12 months period.

Register at Icon Owners Group and be ready to elect a lawful board.

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