Budget and Expenses

IOG team believes transparency is very important. This page is created to track and show expenses as they are paid out. This way everyone especially everyone who has helped our cause by making a donation can see what transparency looks like. The list shows expenses we are estimating and eventually those lines will be replaced with an Actual value.


Please note that all the Icon owners Group volunteers are just that volunteers. They are giving their time, their resources, and their energy without any compensation and in fact they all have made a donation too. They do this because they believe Icon Brickell Community deserve more.

The list below excludes many expenses covered by volunteers directly without a receipt and a major donations made in support of owners’ party.


Attorney Consultation 800.00
Chat 129
Attorney 2500.00
T-Shirt 375.57
Business cards 52.94
Business cards- 2 24.60
Post Card – party 88.80
Post Card – Mail 419.44
FedEx-Leaflets-Delivery 9.63
FedEx-Leaflets 185.72
FedEx-Flyers 330.99
Website – Expenses 163.92
Printer Ink 63.99
Printer paper, labels, pencils, binders 51.96
Cantina – additional funds 126
Envelopes 65.19
Dividers for binders 11.49
 IOG Buttons 95.29
Total 5,494.53