About Us

Who we are

We are group of concerned Owners at the prestigious Icon Brickell.

We have come together and formed a group with a simple goal to make sure owners are properly represented.

We believe the board has failed to proactively engage owners and residence.

The board discourages voting at annual elections by failing to send out clear voting directions and wait till the last minute.

For example, none of the Board Members in all of the Associations were ever elected by Owners.  They have failed to encourage participation and have done nothing to achieve Quorum (minimum of 20% of owners must vote for an election to be valid) since Developer chose them in 2/9/2012.
We will be meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues important to all unit owners.

Our Mission

Please study our Mission Statement and do let us know if you can think of a way to improve it.

Meet the people who are willing to work hard to take Icon back from the Developers selected Board members.